What is Wheatgrass juice ?

Wheatgrass juice is the densely concentrated liquid that has been extracted from wheatgrass plant (Genus Agropyron). It is widely used as a natural food supplement due to its rich nutritional profile and the fact that it is one of the best live chlorophyll sources.

Why Juice the Plant ?

Wheatgrass juice is the cold-pressed essence of young shoots of the wheatgrass plant. They’re optimally harvested when they reach 15-20cm in height. Because of it’s fibre structure, we humans can not digest the plant well, absorb the nutrients efficiently, that’s why wheatgrass juice or powder is used widely to increase the bioavailability.

Does wheatgrass juice contain gluten ?

Eventhough gluten is most associated with wheat and wheat-containing foods, wheatgrass is gluten-free! Wheat seeds contain gluten; wheatgrass is the baby shoots of the seed, harvested before having a chance to form gluten.

Is it possible to grow it in home ?

Wheatgrass is an easy to grow plant. The hard part is to do it on a regular basis; need of planting, harvesting, juicing and cleaning all the time. It is exhausting and an additional chore for many of us. A wheatgrass juicer is also needed, as the plant itself is very fibrous and not many juicers can juice the essence of it, which means a high cost of entry. As long as, high quality soil and seeds are accesible and time is not an issue, it is possible to grow wheatgrass at home and consume wheatgrass juice daily.