A Jube a day keeps the doc away

24 Single Jubes

Monthly Supply

Better when we are together

48 Single Jubes

2 Monthly Supply

Jube vitality, healthier family


96 Single Jubes

4 Monthly Supply


Indoor Jubes Powder


wheatgrass juice powder



Ingredients: Daphne oil, Olive oil, wheatgrass

100g per soap 4.8 cm x 6.8 cm


Wheat Straws

100% sustainable

wheat straws


1 Remove From Freezer

Remove Ancient Greens from your freezer. Remember to always keep your Ancient Greens stored frozen so their nutrition does not degrade.

2 Twist and pull

Twist and pull on the packaging, allowing the jubes to fall out. Add a desired number of jubes to an empty glass. Please review suggested use for more information.

3 Add Water

Add 3x more water than juice to your glass. You may use moderately warm or room temperature, non-chlorinated tap water. Stir to help speed up the melting time of the jube.

4 Drink and enjoy

Once the jube has fully melted, enjoy your juice.


Adding 3 parts room temperature water speeds the melt, ensures better taste and is ready under 2 minutes if stirred constantly.
Each jube is 18ml. Add the desired number of jubes to an empty glass. Add 3 times more water than juice. Stir to speed the melt and drink it as it thaws.. If you are using more than 30ml, we suggest spreading use into more than one occasion throughout the day. Traditionally, you drink 15 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating although you can set any schedule you wish.


Ancient Greens is the densely concentrated liquid that has been extracted from wheatgrass plant (Genus Agropyron). When consumed, the multiple bio actives in wheatgrass are absorbed rapidly through the mucus membrane in the mouth, through sublingual absorption. Those molecules goes directly into the blood stream, circulate and is rapidly absorbed by the body.   Ancient greens juice filters the body with vitamins, minerals, a full dose of Vitamin B complex, amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, enzymes, phytonutrients and helps to detoxify the liver and aid blood circulation.


Delivered straight to your home from our farm within 3 business days. Our frozen wheatgrass is ready to be stored in your home freezer upon delivery. We use additional flash frozen solution packs to secure the ancient greens liquid stays frozen.